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About Louise

Louise Ryan M.Sc. Nutrition, Lic. Ac., Prof. Dip. CHM, ATMAT, is a licensed practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and a member of the Acupuncture Council of Ireland (ACI). Louise has completed post graduate training in Acupuncture in Gynaecology and Fertility and Obstetric Acupuncture, and Chinese Herbal Medicine.

Louise is also qualified in the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy, and the only practitioner in the Limerick area practicing Maya Abdominal Massage. Louise has more than ten years’ experience as an Acupuncturist, with a speciality in fertility Acupuncture, a qualified Chinese herbalist, a nutritionist, and is qualified in Arvigo Massage. Therefore, she can take a multi- faceted approach to your treatment.
Louise can design a treatment strategy for your journey, wherever you are, whether you want to regulate your cycles to try for a baby, or if you starting and IVF cycle, or if you would like relief from period pain, endometriosis, or menopause symptoms we will take a full history, listen to your story, and meet you where you are to design the best programme for you.
Louise is passionate about using Acupuncture and Maya Massage to help with Women’s Health, Fertility Issues, Pregnancy and many other issues

At Cherryblossom Acupuncture we offer treatment in the following areas; Fertility, Women’s Heath, Menopause, Pain, Back Pain, Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, Maya Massage, Herbal Medicine. We are specialists in Fertility, Women’s Health and Pain relief.