Herbal Supplements and Arvigo

Louise is a qualified Chinese Herbalist and can prescribe fertility herbal supplements for each stage of your cycle to maximize fertility and regulate the cycle. Louise is a strong believer in using  fertility herbs to help to regulate the cycle and maximize fertility.  Louise can design specific formulas for each individual case. A recent study […]

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Women’s Health

Crippling period pain can interfere with your life on so many levels. We have designed a specific programme of Acupuncture and Herbs for Period Pain and Endometriosis, and have had great success with helping many women have pain free periods, and gain control of the lives again.

“I have had painful periods, since 12/13 years of age. I am 41 now. Before coming to Louise I tried strong painkillers. The general doctors could do nothing to relieve the pain. I tried looking at my diet, but that didn’t work. I was hospitalized a couple of times on account of the pain in the past.

Acupuncture took the pain away, and relaxed me big time. Acupuncture has benefited me hugely. My period pain used to stop me living for a week of each month. Now I am pain free.

I would recommend Louise at Cherryblossom Acupuncture to anyone. Acupuncture is very relaxing, and it doesn’t hurt. It’s a nice time just for yourself.”

Menopause Support

We have designed a specific programme of Acupuncture and Herbs for your menopause journey. There is no need to suffer with night sweats, insomnia or irritability. Many of our clients find quick relief from these symptoms, and get back to enjoying life.

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