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At Cherryblossom Acupuncture, What I like most about my job is seeing the amazing effect that Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine has on regular people, just like you and me, and their everyday struggles in their everyday lives. In these articles I want to explain to you a little how acupuncture works for my clients. Most people care about what’s in it for them, and rightly so! So I want to bring you a few stories from my clinic, because that’s how you see how this really helps, and maybe, you’ll recognise yourself or your issue in one of my stories, and then if I can help you too, great. Today I’ll talk about Acupuncture For Sinus Infections.

This month’s story is one of chronic sinusitis. Names have been changed to protect the innocent. Mrs Never do Smell came to me with what she described as “ A terrible problem with Sinus”. She had had continuous sinus problems and infections for the previous eight to nine years, since having a particularly bad infection, and she described that she mostly has no sense of smell.

She was using a steroid nasal spray daily to control her symptoms and without those she found the symptoms unbearable, with severe headaches, blocked nose and snoring at night and a post nasal drip. She described her worst symptom as the constant blocked nose. No physical reason had been found medically for the sinusitis, and it was managed by the steroid.

I use a type of Acupuncture called Distal Acupuncture. This is where you needle into areas of the body that are away from where the problem is. So, we used areas of the body like the lower arms and legs that are highly innervated and by stimulating them with Acupuncture needles, you trigger the brain to release natural painkillers and increase blood supply to the affected area. As Mrs Never so Smell was on the therapy bed, she could feel her nose start to clear.  She left the Acupuncture For Sinus treatment with her nose clear, and with my Chinese Herbal Sinus Pills, which she took daily. When she returned the following week, she reported that she had not used her steroid spray for a week, and her symptoms were much better. This was her first time not using a steroid spray daily for nearly eight years. She had not had any headaches either. When she returned for her third Acupuncture For Sinus treatment, she was so excited to tell me that when she switched on her window washers in her car, she could smell the washing fluid. The first time in years she had been able to smell ANYTHING! Even I was a little flabbergasted, as I had told her on the first appointment, we can certainly do our best to help your sinusitis but I’m not going to tell you we can return your sense of smell. Sometimes this stuff is more powerful than I imagine! Also, she reported, her husband is very happy as she has stopped snoring completely since starting treatment. Mrs Never do Smell is delighted, and when she missed an appointment, and the snoring came back, her husband asked when are you going for Acupuncture for Sinus again??

Acupuncture. Helping Real Life People with Real Life Stuff.

*Names have been changed and the client has consented to anonymously sharing her story

Louise Ryan M.Sc. Nutrition, Lic. Ac., Prof. Dip. CHM is a licensed practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and a member of the Acupuncture Council of Ireland (ACI). Louise has completed post graduate training in Acupuncture in Gynaecology and Fertility and Obstetric Acupuncture, and Chinese Herbal Medicine and Distal Needling.

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