Fertility Enhancement

We are here to help you on your fertility journey, wherever you’re starting from. If you’ve just started trying and want to ensure you are in the best health possible to achieve a healthy pregnancy, acupuncture and herbs can help with significant increase in pregnancy with Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs. If you’re trying to get a cycle regular, and enhance the chances of conception every month, come see us. We have over ten years’ experience in making babies, and we’d love to help you on your journey.

Treatment of women in pregnancy and labour has a long tradition in China with many pictures found on tortoise shells depicting some pregnancy and labour related problems. Currently, Acupuncture in many modern studies is proving to be a worthy way of treating the issues that can occur during pregnancy.  The thoughts on TCM is that during pregnancy, it is important to keep the qi (energy flow) and blood in harmony.In modern terms this means it helps  normalize the body’s internal biological balance which then helps to ensure a healthy problem free pregnancy.

So, in short the treatment plans are generally designed to restore the female’s balance which strengthens and helps her combat any negative effects they may be experiencing in  pregnancy including, but not limited to, depression,morning sickness, dizziness and headaches

“I found Louise amazing. She really knows her stuff on fertility and designs the best treatment at different stages of your treatment / cycle. I also found it most relaxing and looked forward to each session. I’m happy to say I’m 5 months pregnant and can honestly say this helped me get where I am today would definitely recommend!”

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