What would your 2019 look like if it was the year you finally got rid of that pain that has been holding you back. And finally lived a pain-free life?

That is what many Cherryblossom Acupuncture clients are living now, and I truly want to help more people live a pain-free life.

Like Ms A, one of my clients who originally came to me with anxiety, dizziness and neck pain. She hadn’t gone shopping on her own, for almost two years, as she got dizzy spells, and her dizzy spells were giving her anxiety, so she felt even more anxious about getting out. She had chronic neck pain that she scored at about 8 out of ten. On her very first session, we treated her neck pain, using distal acupuncture. Once the needles were in, I asked her to turn her neck and to her surprise, she was pain-free! Ms A’s pain has consistently reduced and reduced on each weekly session, and her dizzy spells reduced and I was delighted to hear that after about six sessions, she had gone shopping on her own, for the first time in two years! It’s always amazing when someone life changes so vastly for the positive.

What about back pain?

MS W, who read about us through this magazine, came as she had bad pain in her arm and neck. For me, it’s always interesting the thing we need to get people back to doing. For her, it was baking. She couldn’t get things from the cupboard, because of the pain in her arm and shoulder. We helped relieve her pain so she could get back to doing what she loved. Finally pain-free.

MR J  came because he had stiffness in his neck that was limiting his ability to drive. And he needed to drive to Golf! He has no problem turning his neck in the car on the way to golf now!

Ms G’s back pain has pretty much disappeared, and she only comes now for maintenance. When she came first, her back was in constant pain, and was really affecting her life, her ability to exercise and in her words, the difference between her life now, and her life before are like night and day.

What about you? Do any of these stories resonate with you?

If it worked for them, why wouldn’t it work for you? You could be so close to living pain-free life!

Are you happy with the way you feel every day? Wanna live pain-free life?

Can you do all the things you want to do, without pain?

Fed up and tired of managing and struggling to get through your life with pain, when you know, you should feel better?

Have you been told you just have to live with the pain?

Has pain made you tired, snappy with your family?

Has pain stopped you from going places or doing things you love?

Would you like to feel better and in charge of your life?

How would life feel if you could finally get free from pain?

Why not make this year the year that you did just that, and finally got free from the pain that has been holding you back. Click here to book  https://cherryblossomacupuncture.janeapp.com/